LEGO and Audi at Design Miami 2016

It has been a while since last time I have worked in an Audi project, and also since the last update in this blog. Both situations share a common excuse, I´m working full time at LEGO.
So, when LEGO Creative Play Lab joined forces with Audi at the Design Miami 2016 it seemed like an unavoidable opportunity to update this blog showing you the kind of projects we do at Creative Play Lab. Here you have some visual examples of the creative process Audi and the LEGO CPL teams have followed to conceive “The extra hour” installation at Design Miami as a metaphor for a new kind of freedom and control over time. You can visit the Design Miami 2016 site here


LEGO Audi Design Miami 2016LEGO Audi Design Miami 2016

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GDC 2015 in photos

A kind of small photo gallery of some moments at GDC 2015 in San Francisco.0a

000GDC & IGF at Moscone Center right in the city center of San Francisco.
Huge screens were showing videos of all the game nominees, all the day. Its a bit weird to see the art you made for a small screen displayed this size.

GDC means Talks, all very interesting talks, but too many to attend them all. The Loom postmortem talk by Brian Moriarty and the Art Direction Habits by Ben Thompson were also great talks, so great that I forgot to take photos.

Apart from talks GDC also means Award ceremonies! Grandiose feasts with lights and sound!  80 Days had a nice bunch of nominations and awards on several competitions.

Expo Floor, apart from Talks and Awards some really great things at GDC happen in the Expo Floor. There you can see all the new stuff, some original art and funny prototypes. For instance the “butt sniffin pugs” game, or a magic game using a book as interface,  or the real art pieces employed in the charming game Lumino city.

All in all the best thing at GDC is hanging around with friends and meeting new

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Art of Fairy Tale Gloom

000A sneak peek of my artwork for Fairy Tale Gloom, the newest expansion of Gloom.
Gloom is a successful card game designed by Keith Baker and published by Atlas Games, a game well known for his dark sense of humour and a peculiar feature, transparent cards!
fairytale-gloom-art_odt27qWhile in the Gloom card game, you assume control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes, Fairy Tale Gloom will focus on the worst elements that seem to be exemplified in the traditional tales from Grimm Brothers.
Tales are awful. Wolves and old women eat children, giants fall from the sky, and even young girls break-and-enter to steal porridge from unsuspecting families, and fairy tale characters will do their best to stay happy, but circumstances conspire to rain woe on their sad, benighted heads.
Since you will enjoy the game with nice color cards, here I will display the illustrations in all their glorious black and white.
Fairy Tale Gloom will release in May.

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80 Days. Game of the year 2014

80 Days North Pole image

80 Days North Pole

Earlier this month, Inkle Studios released the Android version of 80 Days, including with it some new content, including new transports, new locations and more than 30.000 words of extra content taking players to the North Pole and back.
It’s a great way to end a great year. Since its release in August, 80 Days has gathered a huge collection of positive reviews. It scored the highest rating on of games released on iOS in August, and now the game is receiving wide recognition in all the yearly reviews, awards, and listings of the better productions of 2014.
As a member of the team that gave to birth this creature, I’m delighted with all the accolades and the enthusiasm 80 Days is receiving from players and critics.
We had put all our effort and heart into making a great game – so when the result is a product people love, it can feel like you’re day-dreaming. So please, be kind and forgive this proud father when he lists some the recognitions our baby has gathered during these final weeks of December.

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EDGE Magazine  “80 Days captures the original text’s wide-eyed spirit of adventure, its fascination with the technological advancements of the time, and the wonders of the world itself – 9/10”

If you want to know more about 80 Days please visit Inkle’s site or get the game for Android, iOS, or Kindle

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sketches of London

Some sketches of my recent trips to UK, mostly views of  London: Spitalfields, Kew Gardens, Golders Hill, V&A Museum, etc.bcnT2LR BrgthnLR Kew1LRgoldgrnsLR   VAmus1LRVAmus2LRSep0201LRSpitflds01LR

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80 Days. Vehicle Concepts. part 2

Roving cities, mechanical camels, automaton Burmese lions, voodoo-like caged condors, Ottoman floating warships, Indian rocketships, airship pirates and a long etc. Here are a bunch of concepts for some of the most exotic vehicles Phileas Fogg & Passepartout will use to circumnavigate the globe at 80 DAYS, the iOS game by Inkle  based on Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days.
80 Days game concept art 80 Days game concept art 80 Days game concept art 80 Days game concept art

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80 Days. Interactive Narrative Adventure. Characters 1

These are some of the characters Passepartout & Phileas Fogg will meet while travelling around the world at 80 Days . The new interactive experience from inkle studios based in the works of Jules Verne.
80 Days game vectorial art

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80 Days Now Available in Apple Store

80 Days the Interactive Narrative Adventure based in Jules verne works, the Real-time, massively-branching multiplayer interactive fiction is already available at the App Store

80 Days game art

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80 Days. Interactive Narrative Adventure. Concepts 1

A fast update to unveil a few concepts of the transports available to Phileas Fogg & Passepartout to circumnavigate the globe at 80 DAYS.
80 Days is an interactive fiction gamebook based loosely on Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days and developed by Inkle. Available soon at Apple Store
80 Days game concept art 4 80 Days game concept art 3 80 Days game concept art 2 80 Days game concept art 1
80 Days game art

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Tales of the Arabian Nights and René Bull

I don’t use to blog about what I like or dislike since I think there are better ways of fun in life than reading my rants. But this time I think I should tell you about my last crushes: Tales of the Arabian Nights and Rene Bull

Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to grab a copy of the board game Tales of the Arabian Nights. In the game you take the role of one of the characters (Aladdin, Ali Baba, etc) travelling the lands of the Arabian Nights tale in search of adventures and magical places.  This is an extraordinary board game, an unusual hybrid, closer to a roleplaying game than the usual board games. Because of this oddness some people love it, and some people hate it. The game focuses more on the storytelling experience and the sense of adventure, than in the competition between players to get an overall winner.
Seeing a few images of the Z-Man Games edition I decided to get a copy. The work in the Z-Man edition is awesome, the quality of the edition worths the price, the overall look and art direction are great, but the most shocking experience was with the art in the box.

After unboxing the game I spent several minutes mesmerized by the art in the box lid, it features three illustrations of René Bull, I have to confess I never heard about him before.
I made a little research about his person to learn (to my shame) René Bull is a classic artist (1872-1942) and I have to say all I have seen of his illustration work is awesome, it makes me think in other illustrators of the same period like Arthur Rackham, Ivan Bilibin, or Howard Pyle.
The color plates for the Arabian Nights book are great, but my preference goes for their small black and white pieces, I love the expression in those thick curvy lines and the weirdness of the charismatic characters depicted.
To know more about him check the wikipedia entry

To see some samples of his art simply scroll down

renebull_001 renebull_002 renebull_003 renebull_005
renebull_bn_02 renebull_bn_04renebull_bn_01 renebull_bn_03

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