Sketches at Precolumbian art museum

Recently, i read the museum of Pre-Columbian art Barbier-Mueller of Barcelona will close next September. Sadly, the whole content has been sold to a collector, so no idea how and when the pieces there will be seen in public again.
I’m a fan of pre-colubian art, and I enjoyed my previous visits at the Barbier Mueller, despite is not a vast collection it contains some really cool pieces.
So last week after delivering a long and intense project, i decided to grab some spare time sketching at the museum before it’s definitely closed.


About Jaume

Creative Lead with more than 20 years of experience developing playful products people love like LEGO, Video Games, Board Games, Transmedia Events, and anything fun.
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One Response to Sketches at Precolumbian art museum

  1. ~jeaks says:

    wow!! very nice sketches!! =D

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