I was thinking on doing some art for Halloween, but we don’t celebrate Halloween.
So I decided to do some art about what I really celebrate on November 1st eve.
The eve of All Saints’ Day (1 November) we use to meet with friends and family to remember our passed ones while eating toasted chestnuts  sweet potatoes, drinking sweet wine (Moscatell) and eating panellets. I love Panellets!
Panellets are small sweets, made of marzipan, the most common are rolled in pine nuts and varnished with egg white, but there are other flavors like vanilla, quince, chestnut, or hazelnut. These are the ones waiting for me on my pantry.


About Jaume

Creative Lead with more than 20 years of experience developing playful products people love: LEGO, Warhammer, Video Games, Board Games, Transmedia Events, Dinosaur Exhibits and anything fun.
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