25 years of Illustration. Exhibition

002Yesterday, 10th March, ended the exhibition “25 years of illustration at Llotja”, I had some of my recent jobs exhibited there.
The exhibition was held in the Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya, an art exhibition center of the Catalonia Government, is located in the old town, in the center of Barcelona, near Las Ramblas.

The exhibit was displaying the last 25 years of illustration in Catalonia done by illustrators trained in La Llotja, the official Arts & Crafts School.
Was great to see what the old friends are currently doing, and discover that some of the great illustration colleagues you can see around, are also from the school.
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From March 19th to April 19th this exhibition will be open again, this time at the Espai Nau U of the School Llotja de Sant Andreu, carrer Pare Manyanet, nº 40, Barcelona http://www.llotja.cat
Barcelona TV has featured the past exhibition (starts at minute 6:00)


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