Previous and Upcoming MailMeArt Exhibition

The MailMeArt exhibition at The Framers Gallery (Artefact showroom) it’s ended.
It has been a success, with lots of people there enjoying the art and the artist itself. Here you can see a few pictures of before and during the exhibition.
DSCF1544 (1)

As you can see a real feast for lovers of mail art and vocational postmen, with more than 240 envelopes illustrated and sent from over 24 different countries. If you weren’t able to make it to London for the first exhibition, you are still on time to visit the second MailMeart Exhibition. Don’t miss this second chance.
From August 9th to 12th August you can visit the MailMeart exhibition at

e Factoryroad Gallery
Hinckley, (LE10) RSVP REQUIRED
The opening night will be on August 9th at 6pm-11pm, with viewings by appointment on the 10th, 11th and 12th.

Remember the exhibition catalog, and the mail art originals can be acquired online here


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Creative Lead with more than 20 years of experience developing playful products people love: LEGO, Warhammer, Video Games, Board Games, Transmedia Events, Dinosaur Exhibits and anything fun.
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1 Response to Previous and Upcoming MailMeArt Exhibition

  1. I hope to make this! I really enjoyed your blog and seeing the art on exhibition, thank you.

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