80 Days. Game of the year 2014

80 Days North Pole image

80 Days North Pole

Earlier this month, Inkle Studios released the Android version of 80 Days, including with it some new content, including new transports, new locations and more than 30.000 words of extra content taking players to the North Pole and back.
It’s a great way to end a great year. Since its release in August, 80 Days has gathered a huge collection of positive reviews. It scored the highest rating on metacritic.com of games released on iOS in August, and now the game is receiving wide recognition in all the yearly reviews, awards, and listings of the better productions of 2014.
As a member of the team that gave to birth this creature, I’m delighted with all the accolades and the enthusiasm 80 Days is receiving from players and critics.
We had put all our effort and heart into making a great game – so when the result is a product people love, it can feel like you’re day-dreaming. So please, be kind and forgive this proud father when he lists some the recognitions our baby has gathered during these final weeks of December.

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EDGE Magazine  “80 Days captures the original text’s wide-eyed spirit of adventure, its fascination with the technological advancements of the time, and the wonders of the world itself – 9/10”

If you want to know more about 80 Days please visit Inkle’s site or get the game for Android, iOS, or Kindle

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1 Response to 80 Days. Game of the year 2014

  1. jdh5153 says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out 80 days for awhile, I think I’ll finally have to get it for my iPad. Look forward to seeing what all the hype is about!


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