GDC 2015 in photos

A kind of small photo gallery of some moments at GDC 2015 in San Francisco.0a

000GDC & IGF at Moscone Center right in the city center of San Francisco.
Huge screens were showing videos of all the game nominees, all the day. Its a bit weird to see the art you made for a small screen displayed this size.

GDC means Talks, all very interesting talks, but too many to attend them all. The Loom postmortem talk by Brian Moriarty and the Art Direction Habits by Ben Thompson were also great talks, so great that I forgot to take photos.

Apart from talks GDC also means Award ceremonies! Grandiose feasts with lights and sound!  80 Days had a nice bunch of nominations and awards on several competitions.

Expo Floor, apart from Talks and Awards some really great things at GDC happen in the Expo Floor. There you can see all the new stuff, some original art and funny prototypes. For instance the “butt sniffin pugs” game, or a magic game using a book as interface,  or the real art pieces employed in the charming game Lumino city.

All in all the best thing at GDC is hanging around with friends and meeting new



Artist based in Barcelona working world wide for Video Games, Board Games, Transmedia Events, and anything fun.
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